18 March 2018 – Six Metre Day

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18 March 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Very cold, cloudy, wind North – North Easterly force 3-4.

The pond was not iced over, but the wind was very cold, below freezing with the windchill.

Three races were held, but this was an exercise in endurance, Hugh gave up after one race, with frostbitten hands.

Grant had come earlier, but could not stay after 12 Oclock. Fred and Paul came but did not race. Those racing from time to time were: Hugh, Jim and John.

Race 1: Jim, Hugh, John
Race 2: Jim, John
Race 3: John, Jim

Next One Metre race Sunday 1 April, see you there, Hugh

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Sorry, last post should say next Six Metre Day,Sunday 18 March

Sunday 4 March ice cancelled racing

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Weather was cold, but not as cold as previous week. However, the ice on the pond had been there from the previous week, and was still half inch thick, so it was not possible to race One Metres, as planned on the first Sunday of the month.

Clapham members are encouraged to attend the Vintage Group Day next Sunday 11 March. Our next racing day is Six Metre Day, Sunday 17 March.


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