Sailing at Clapham on the 16th november

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A very dull and miserable day weather-wise with a fine drizzle much of the time. We had a good attendance (6) although most did not turn up untill gone 11am. In view of the weather there was some reluctance to get started but we eventually got on the water at about 12noon. We should have been sailing the 6M,s but as not all those present had a 6M to sail we chose to sail the Soling,s again as by using the Club boat we could all sail. Results were surprising. Alan, who I hope will forgive me if I say he is not one of the most experienced skippers in the Club, won anumber of races against stiff opposition. It is true that Jim and Ted both had problems, Jim with a gear failure, which he was later able to fix, and Ted with a battery problem, even so Alan put up a great performance. We sailed in miserable conditions of light drizzle and a growing absence of wind, but we sailed continuously and got in five races before increasing drizzle drove us in for an early lunch. We did try again later but it was still wet, and with very little wind we gave up after one race.

The results were as follows, but with Jim and Ted not racing in the second and third races because of their problems. Race 1. Jim, Alan, Derek; Race 2. Alan, Derek, John S; Race 3. Alan, Derek, John S; Race 4. Alan, Jim, Ted. Race 5. Alan, Jim, Ted; Race 6. Jim, Alan, Ted; Well done to Alan. One fact seemed to emerge from the day,s racing. The trimming of the boat has a tremendous effect on it,s performance. Three boats in the race were built by the same builder and were, as far as possible, identical. One of those boats, the Club boat sailed by Alan, was so much faster and easier to control than the other two and so must come down to the way the boat was trimmed. It is also interesting to note that this same boat was the one borrowed by the second placed skipper in the Soling nationals sailed in July. I for one will be taking a close look at this boat to see how it has been trimmed that makes it so different. In spite of the rotten weather we all had a great day,s racing.

There are no more official racing days before the AGM on the 30th November when I hope to see you all there. We have heard that Jack is not too well and will not be attending the AGM, but I will get in touch with him before that date to ask if he intends to renew his membership for 2009. The Club without Jack will not seem the same.

Remember to let me know before the AGM if you cannot attend, and if that is the case whether you intend to renew membership for 2009. Remember also that if you have queries or suggestions on the fiture of the Club, the AGM is the time and place to to make them known under the “any other business” part of the proceedings. I expect to see you all there. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on 2nd November 2008

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Hello everyone, my apologies for the gap in “blog” reports, the weather has been poor over the more recent meetings and very little racing has taken place. Today, 2nd Nov, was a little better in that we did get some racing in with a better than average attendance (6). We should have been racing the 1M,s but as not everyone had a 1M to race we chose to sail the SOLING,s, and by using the Club boat and borrowing Justin,s we all had a boat to sail and got on the water with a fleet of 6. We started a bit late, as is becoming all too usual I,m afraid, and with the wind almost non existant and races taking about 20 minutes or so we only got two races in before we broke for lunch. I regret I did not keep an accurate score sheet but Jim won them both I think, with Alan doing better than usual sailing the Club boat into second place with Ted in third. Racing was very leisurely to say the least, but even so was quite absorbing with much banter going on between the skippers. The wind continued very light after lunch and by common consent we called it a day. It was a shame about the wind as we had got a spendid fleet on the water, but it showed what can be done if members turn up.

Next race day is on the 16th Nov for 6m,s, with the AGM set for the 30th Nov at 11am in the Clubhouse. Please do, all of you, make a special effort to attend. I will be sending out letters during the current week to every Club member. See you all on the 16th, if you cannot make it then I hope to see you on the 30th. Derek.

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