1 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 19th May.

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A fine day at Clapham apart from the wind which was very light at times, so much so that there was some discussion whether we should sail the full course or a shortened one. In the end we chose to sail the full course which made some of the races somewhat lengthy and accounts for the few races sailed.
Eight members turned up and we started late as usual but got six boats on the water and on a couple of starts the fleet made a fine sight. Choice of course was crucial to find the wind.
Results as follows-;
Race 1. Jim, Derek, Grant
Race 2. Jim, Leslie, Fred
Race 3. Jim, Grant, Leslie
Race 4. Jim, John, Leslie
Race 5. Grant, Jim, Hugh
Jim had a good day and only just missed out on a clean sweep. A good fun day.
Hope to see you all on the 2nd June. Derek.

One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 5th May.

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Seven members made it to the pond on a bright sunny day. The day was warm with a light breeze force 1-3 varying from West to Southwest. Quite a lot of races were run, although there were fewer skippers on the water in the later races, two members having got tangled at the start of race 11. The water was a bit low and there were occasional groundings, but the main challenge was the light and wandering wind.
A good total of 17 races were run with the following results-;
Race 1. Mark, Leslie, John
Race 2. Mark, Odd, Hugh
Race 3. Hugh, Mark, Jim
Race 4. Leslie, Mark, John
Race 5. Odd, Mark, Leslie
Race 6. Odd, John, Leslie
Race 7. Jim, Hugh, Odd
Race 8. Hugh, Leslie, John
Race 9. John, Leslie, Hugh
Race 10. Ted, Leslie, Hugh
Race 11. Odd, Ted
Race 12. Leslie, Odd, John
Race 13. Leslie, John, Hugh
Race 14. Odd, John, Leslie
Race 15. Leslie, John, Odd
Race 16. Leslie, John, Odd
Race 17. Leslie, John, Odd
All in all, a pleasant days racing.
Hope to see you all on the 19th May. Derek.

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