Racing at Clapham on the 18th October.

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Scheduled as a 6M racing day, the weather was fine but with only a light breeze which at times died to almost nothing. It was a good turnout with seven skippers sharing six boats, Hugh and Leslie sharing Hugh,s new boat, a 6M Rococco designed by Bantock, and was lightweight carbon fibre everwhere. It sailed very well but was not unbeatable as will be seen from the results.
Racing was hardly brisk in the light breeze and once or twice turned into a drifting match, but such moments were rare and racing was generally good. We got in four races before breaking for lunch and three after with the following results-,
Race 1. Jim, Leslie, Derek.
Race 2. Leslie, Derek, Jim.
Race 3. Leslie, Jim, Alan.
Race 4. Hugh, Jim, John S.
Race 5. John S, Alan, Derek.
Race 6. Leslie, Jim, Derek.
Race 7. Derek, Leslie, Alan.
It was good to see John S getting among the leaders. He did not start so well but after a little help from Jim in tuning the boat the performance inproved dramatically. It goes to show that most 6M,s are very competitive provided they are set up properly, and even the very expensive Rococco proved not to be supreme.
Overall, a good day,s sailing and a good fleet on the pond. The water is still very low and the Chairman is trying to get a date from the Council as to when the repairs will be carried out on the cracks which we think are the cause of the leakage problems.
NOTE. the next Sunday, the 25th October, is a Vintage Group meeting which we should try to support. Derek.

sailing at Clapham on the 4th October.

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This was scheduled as a 1M sailing day but the water is still very low and 1M sailing will have to be postponed I fear untill repairs are carried out on the cracks and holes in the pond wall through which we think the water is leaking out. The Chairman has been in contact with the Council who have agreed to do the neccessary repairs, but when? The low water state is that for which the Soling class was adopted by the Club and in due course our Soling fleet appeared on the water. I think we may well have to accept that the first Sunday in the month will be a Soling day in place of the 1M,s untill the pond can be repaired and refilled.
While some races were run I fear that no race results were kept, but I did notice that either Jim or Ted were in the lead whenever I had a chance to observe. The weather was fine but the wind was gusty making sailing a bit wild at times, this was a bit of a problem for Derek who was looking after a possible new member and what with her unfamiliarity with the radio controls and trying to cope with the frequent wind gusts, I am not sure whether she enjoyed the experience or not. We shall see.
The next scheduled meeting is on the 18th October and is for the 6M,s and we hope to see Hugh there with his new aquisition, a 6M “Rococco”, a Graham Bantock design I think.
Hope to see you all then. Derek.

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