Sailing at Clapham on the 17th January.

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Sailing, What sailing! . What a turnup. When we arrived on the 3rd we expected to find the pond frozen but it turned out not to be and we had a good sail. On the 17th we turned up expecting the pond to be clear and found it frozen, and quite thick too. This was a shame as quite a crowd turned up, eight of us. We all stood around waiting for the ice to melt but it was too thick, and even if we had been able to break it up to find clear water I feel the lumps of ice would have damaged the boats. Instead we retired to the Clubhouse and talked about boats, although I did get some work done on Duggies boat and was able to get the dent out of the hull and had also found a screw cover for the radio pot. There is still a problem with the radio gear, the arial has fractured as it leaves the receiver and I fear the rest of the wiring needs renewing, perhaps as a result of the dreaded “black wire” disease. However, the boat is all there and all it needs is a bit of tender loving care. It seems we now have three people who may be interested in buying it so Duggie could well be in funds again.
There being nothing else to report I will sign off. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on 3rd January.

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First of all, a happy new year to all our members. Let us hope it will be a contented and healthy year for us all.
Now to the day itself. A beautiful day, bright sunshine but a hard frost, but happily the pond was free from ice, which was a surprise.
A surprising number of members turned up, six and two guests. Most did not turn up till gone 11am and many did not anticipate being able to sail but had brought a variety of boats. One Soling, two 1M,s, a fine schooner and John T,s refurbished 6M. With such a variety of boats we did not have any racing but the pond was full of boats in spite of the cold.
I have had a closer look at Duggie,s 1M and the condition is not as good as I had thought and a buyer should be prepared to give the boat a complete overhaul. Having said that, the boat is pretty well all there and has a good suit of sails. Ther are 2/3 people interested and on Duggie,s behalf I am open to offers in excess of £100.
There may be one or two other 1M,s for sale in the Club, but they will be considerably more expensive.
It was great to see such a good turnout on such a cold day where there was every anticipation that the pond would be frozen and that all we would be able to do would be to talk about boats. Let us hope there will be an even better turnout at the next meeting on the 17th January which will be a 6M race day. Derek.

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