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welcome to the second wednesday race.using a figure of eight course .

conditions fluky 2-3 not helped by the trees around the pond in full foliage .race took on an international flavour with norway and england represented .those racing were jim and odd .

race 1 jim,odd

2 jim,odd

3 jim,odd

4 odd,jim

5 odd. jim

swapped boats for race four .as can be seen one boat was faster .this has now been rectified .the boat had some rigging faults .anyone wanting to race wednesdays let me know as not always at club on summer wednesdays .i can cobble together at least three boats to race.


rg65 dragonforce

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Wednesday 19/06/2019 figure of eight course race

Those sailing between the showers and light wind were .alan,jim and richard.

race 1 jim alan

2 jim alan

3 jim  alan

4  richard  alan

5 alan richard

6 richaed alan

7 alan richard

8 richard alan

boats supplied by jim

6 metre

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16 June 2019 – Six Metre Day


Mild, cloudy, occasional light showers, wind generally south-westerly force 3 to 5.

Those racing from time to time were, Grant, Hugh. Leslie and Jim. Wind was blustery and overpowering in the strong gusts. Eight races were held altogether.


Race 1: Leslie, Hugh, Grant

Race 2: Grant, Hugh, Leslie

Race 3: Hugh, Leslie, Jim

Race 4: Hugh, Grant, Leslie

Race 5: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 6: Grant, Jim, Leslie

Race 7: Jim, Leslie, Grant

Race 8: Leslie, Jim

See you next One Metre Day 7 July, Hugh

1 metre

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Sunday 2 June 2019 – One Metre Day


Warm, cloudy, wind generally south westerly force 3 to 4.

Those racing were: Leslie, Grant, Jim. Water was shallow with boats grounding at times. 5 races were held altogether.


Race 1: Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Leslie, Grant, Jim

Race 3: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 4: Leslie, Jim

Race 5: Grant, Leslie

Next event is the Six Metre Race on Sunday 16 June, see you then, Hugh

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