6Metre sailing at Clapham on the 18th April.

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A beautiful sunny day but with not much wind, and what wind there was was very fitfull. We had some good, and quite close, racing. The wind was light and variable, but it meant that on several occasions a leader could be well out in front when his wind failed and the fleet was able to close up on him. Grant was sailing Derek,s second boat which had hoisted a lightweight suit of sails (but it did not seem to do him much good!). Hugh was sailing his new second boat, a lightweight carbon Renaissance he has bought. When it sailed it sailed well, but Hugh was having a few problems with the radio and the trim of the boat. Once sorted out it should do well. John T was sailing his HELENE, an old design, which went well as can be seen from the results, and this with a 1M jib instead of the correct 6M size which had been lost overboard at sometime. It will be interesting to see how it goes when it gets its full sail area set again. Jim was sailing his SEISMIC and was again the boat to beat. Alan retired early with problems halfway through the morning. The results were as follows, although the last two races were without Jim who packed up early. We managed seven races.
Race 1. John T, Derek, Jim
Race 2. Jim, Derek, Grant
Race 3. Jim, Hugh, Derek
Race 4.Jim Hugh, Derek
Race 5.Jim, Hugh, John T
Race 6. Derek, Hugh, Grant
Race 7. Derek, John T, No other finishers.
Weatherwise,a gorgeous day, with some good sailing. The next scheduled race is for 1M on the 2nd May. Derek.

Sailing at clapham on the 4th April.

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The day started dull, windy and cold. Perhaps because it was the Easter holiday members were a bit slow in arriving. That did have one advantage though because the student film crew from Westminster University turned up again to do more filming and I was able to devote some time to them, answering questions and filming an interview.
Fortunately by about 11am members started arriving and getting the 1M fleet rigged and we were able to get seven boats on the water and provide some attractive racing for the students to film.
The conditions on the pond were brisk to say the least!, the boats in top suit were about on the limit but happily there were no gear failures and as the sun came out soon after midday the conditions improved a little and we were able to get five races in before lunch and two after. The results for the first three placings were as follows.
Race 1. Ted, Hugh, Grant
Race 2. Ted, Leslie, Grant
Race 3. Hugh, Ted, Grant
Race 4. Ted, Leslie, Hugh
Race 5. Hugh, Ted, Derek
race 6. Hugh, Ted, Grant
Race 7. Ted, Leslie, Grant
It was quite noticeable that Grant,s COMIK, a design twenty years old and one of the original Club fleet, was still able to put up a good performance, but the boat to beat was another Dick,s design of perhaps a little later vintage sailed by Ted.
We finished fairly early, breaking for lunch at 1pm but some members going out again afterwards. The sun was out by then but the wind was still gusty, and cold!.
The students spoke to me as they left, thanking us for for putting on such a good days racing. It was suggested they might put the edited film on to You Tube and they said they would try to do this. I will let you know if this happens
We send our good wishes to Jim Vice who was due to go into hospital on this Sunday for a Gall Bladder operation. From personal experience this a fairly routine operation and Jim should be back on his feet in a few days, being active may take a little longer.
A good day,s sailing from which we could well get some publicity.
Our next scheduled racing day is the 18th April and I hope to see you all there. Derek.

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