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hello members its that time again agm planed for sunday 27 november .reminder letters to be sent to all members to avoid last years fiasco .membership fee will be posted on club site after agm .all fees to be received by club treasurer john dacey by 11th december in time to pay mya .any payments after this date will not be accepted and member deemed to be an ex member.

yours jim club sec

Sailing at Clapham on the 16th October.

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16 October 2016 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Cloudy, mild, wind South South West force 2 to 4.


Those racing from time to time included: Odd, Jim, Leslie, Grant, John and new potential member Chris, who was lent a boat  by Hugh.


The wind was changeable in strength with large gusts, moving over the sailing area, accelerating the boats they reached. There was a frequent change in lead from start to finish.



Race 1: Leslie, Chris, Grant

Race 2: Grant, Jim, Leslie

Race 3: Grant, Leslie, Odd

Race 4: Jim, Leslie, Odd

Race 5: Odd, Leslie, Chris

Race 6: Leslie, Grant, Jim

Race 7: Leslie, Jim, Odd

Race 8: Leslie, Jim, Chris

Race 9: Leslie, Odd, John

Race 10: Leslie, Odd, John

Race 11: John, Odd, Leslie




Sailing at Clapham on the 2nd October.

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2 October 2016 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day



Sunny, warm as the land heated up, wind generally North North West force

1 – 2.


Those racing from time to time included: Leslie, Grant, Jim, John, Hugh, and new potential member Chris who had previously raced in last month’s Six Metre Day. Jim lent him his current boat, and later a previous design.


The wind was coming over the continuous line of trees on the NNW side of the pond, then the club house. There was a good deal of variation in strength and direction of the wind on the pond, with shifting nearly becalmed areas where the gusts had not yet developed, as well as gusts elsewhere which altered rapidly, so that on the beat people had to frequently change tack.


Nobody can fail to notice that Leslie did very well in the results. His boat is professionally built and two factors seem to favour this design.

The construction saves weight in the ends of the boat, the skiff stern saves weight by bringing down the deck moulding to bond onto the hull.

This results in a low angular moment so that the boat can turn quickly in the shifting wind to get power from the light shifts when it is available.


The second factor is the lowered part deck for the mast which the rules allow to enable the mainsail boom to be close to the main deck on the reach or the beat, preventing wind leaking from the high pressure to the low pressure side of the sail to limit efficiency.


This last factor was missing from all the boats competing with Leslie.

Ted was not there, his boat has a lower deck for the mast, also Hugh’s Gadget was out of commission.


Odd was also missing, his boat is one of the new very competitive narrow midship beam designs also with a well deck for the mast. His boat would have been expected to win many races, he has to get a replacement winch.


This is not to take away from Leslie’s successes, nobody gets given a free ride to first place. John very kindly lent Hugh his boat for 2 races. This was well set up with the sail joystick exactly matching the sheeting range. John did well with a first, 4 seconds, and 2 thirds when he had this boat to sail. Jim did well considering he was giving support to Chris for some of the time.



Race 1: Leslie, John, Jim

Race 2: Leslie, John, Chris

Race 3: Leslie, John, Grant

Race 4: Leslie, Grant, John

Race 5: John, Leslie, Grant

Race 6: Leslie, Grant, Jim

Race 7: Leslie, Chris, Hugh

Race 8: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 9: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 10: Leslie, John, Jim



Remember the next Six Metre Race is on Sunday 16 October.


Thanks Hugh, some very interesting technical comments. It would be helpful to others perhaps to know the name of the design and designer of Leslies boat. Would it be possible to publish a photo of the boat?


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