Sailing at Clapham on the 16th August.

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It was a 6 Metre day at Clapham on the 16th but so far I have not received a report on what went on so cannot post comment, I will however give a couple of reminder of other matters.

The Vintage Group will be at Clapham on the 23rd August and any of our members who care to go along would , I am sure, be welcomed.

A reminder too that Alan Scarlett,s funeral is on Tuesday the 1st September at Beckenham Crematorium in Elmers End Road at 2.15pm, any Club members who can get there would be welcomed.


Sailing at Clapham on the 2nd August.

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2 August 2013 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day

The water level at the pond being very low, it was not possible to sail One Metres, so Solings were raced instead.


Warm, sunny with some clouds. Winds southerly force 1 to 3. These light winds were quite variable in direction on the pond, needing concentration from the sailors to adjust to these wind shifts. The leading position often changed during the course of a race.

Those racing from time to time included: Leslie, Grant, Hugh, Ted, John and Richard. Fred dropped in but did not race.


Race 1: Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Grant, Hugh

Race 3: Leslie, Grant, Ted

Race 4: Ted, Grant, Leslie

Race 5: Hugh, Ted, John

Race 6: Leslie, Ted, John

Race 7: Ted, Grant, John

Race 8: Hugh, Ted, John

Race 9: Leslie, Ted, Grant

Race 10: Hugh, Ted, John

Race 11: Leslie, John, Ted

Race 12: Ted, John, Grant

Race 13: John, Grant, Hugh

Race 14:Ted, John, Grant


Thank you Hugh. I have to report sad news.  Many Club members will remember Alan Scarlett as a long time member who brought much fun into the Club. He had become ill recently and we had not seen much of him and I now have to report that he has died. I have had an Email from his wife Brenda who tells me that his funeral will be held on Tuesday the 1st September at 2.15 pm at Beckenham Crematorium, Elmers End Road BR3 4TD and afterwards at The Lodge. Crystal Palace National Sports Centre for refreshments. All his fellow Club members are invited.  I shall do my best to get there myself and if other members can as well it would be a great gesture. I was fond of Alan and I thought he brought a sense of fun to the Club, I shall miss his cheery face around. I hope that I may see some of you there. Derek.

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