17th Sept – 6M

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Light winds make for close races

The breeze the morning was light but constant, giving most skippers a chance of winning one or two races. The 6M class were looking fine as they gently sailed the length of the pond. With the yachts so evenly matched the race could be won or lost depending on the breeze on the water.
Jack pips Derek to the post to win.

The afternoon racing was more fickle, with light to non-existent winds during most races. While some yachts found themselves in a hole in the wind, others would sail by just feet away, much to the frustration of the becalmed skipper. Therefore when the leader thought the race was in their bag, the breeze could die and fill in from the rear of the fleet causing a nail biting finish to all involved.

Prevention is better than cure

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Being based in London does have its disadvantages, our clubhouse can attract all sorts of unwanted attention. The on-going battle with graffiti seems to a near permanent job for Jim, so to combat this both Jim and Ted have increased the barbed wire around the roof. This seems to have worked as graffiti has yet to return.


Today was spent increasing the security to the clubhouse doors. With the help of some hefty right angle bar, screws and threaded bar. The club should be safe from unwelcome visitors for some time to come. Not that the clubhouse has been broken into for years now, but until vandals find something better to do with their time there is always a risk.

On a lighter note, the club now has the new water heater installed, thanks to the efforts of Jim, so this winter we’ll no longer be washing up in cold water!

News from the Chairman

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After many months of contact with the Council Officials, who have proved to be very helpful in the matter, the domestic water supply to the Clubhouse has been restored. That being so we are investigating the cost of replacing the sink water heater that has been out of action for the last few years due to frost damage. We shall then be able to wash ourselves, and the teacups, properly. More news if and when it gets done.

Now a more important point

The AGM is now approaching and some thoughts must be given to the date. The calender shows the 19th of November as being a convenient date. If it proves not to be convenient for a significant number of members we can of course change it, but do let me know.

One of the more important things to be decided at this years AGM concerns the election of Officers, and in particular the Chairman. Continue Reading News from the Chairman…

3rd Sept – IOM

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A blustery day for racing
Blustery winds meant todays racing was action packed. All but one of fleet opted for the second smaller suit of sails, which meant that their yachts were under more control, the exception to this was Graham. Graham’s sail choice was decided but the fact he only has a full set in is sail wardrobe, so that was all he had to go with.
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