6 Metre racing at Clapham on the 18th August.

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The weather was warm and sunny, wind force 2-3 for pleasant sailing. There was not a big turnout of skippers but those who were there got a good number of races in, as follows-
Race 1. Grant, Leslie, John
Race 2.Grant, Leslie, John
Race 3. Hugh, Grant
Race 4.Leslie, Fred, John
Race 5. Leslie, Fred and John tied second
Race 6. Hugh, John, Fred
Race 7. Leslie, Dave (Dave?)
Race 8. Leslie, John, Fred
Race 9. Grant, Hugh, John
Race 10. Leslie, John, Fred
Race 11. Leslie, John, Fred
Race 12. Hugh, Fred, John
Race 13. Fred, John, Leslie
Race 14. John, Fred
Race 15. John, Fred
The works to renovate the pond are nearly complete, however the grass verge next to the pond path has been tarmac,d over, not good for laying boats on. There has also been a rumour that fishing is to be allowed in the Long Pond, not good news and is something we shall have to take up with the Council. Derek.

1 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 4th August.

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Weather was warm and breezy with wind southwest, force 2-4. Boats were often overpowered in the stronger gusts and there were entanglements and frequent gear failures.
Not too many turned up but a fair number of races were completed as follows;
Race 1. Hugh, Leslie, Grant
Race 2. Hugh, Grant, Leslie
Race 3. Hugh, John
Race 4. Leslie, Hugh, Grant
Race 5. John, Leslie
Race 6. Leslie, John, Grant
Race 7. Leslie, John, Grant
Race 8. Leslie, Jim (finishing under mainsail only)
Race 9. John, Jim, Leslie

Next scheduled racing on the 18th August for 6 Metre,s.

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