6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 16th December.

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There was a good turnout on what was nearly the last sailing day of the year 2012. The weather was sunny and mild with a nice breeze for the boats. Phil was also sailinghis 6 Metre but home made sails meant that he did not appear on the score sheet. Richard was also sailing but he chose to sail a Soling, although “chose” is perhaps not the right word as I do not think he has a 6 Metre to sail. The meeting started reasonably early at 11.30, but earlier would have been better, and a fair nunber of races were run with the results as follows.
RACE 1. Mark, Leslie, John
Race 2. Mark, Leslie, John
Race 3. Jim, Leslie, John
Race 4. Leslie, Jim, Mark
Race 5. Mark, Jim, John
Race 6. Jim, Mark, Leslie
Race 7. Mark, Jim, Leslie
Race 8. Mark, Jim, Grant
The Club has ended another successfull year and is in good financial shape ready to go on to 2013, I shall not be around much untill the weather improves in the spring so may I leave you with every good wish for a happy Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. I wish you all a fair wind and successfull sailing in 2012.

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