Christmas message from the Chairman

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Greetings to all our members. Thank you all for making the past year a success, without your continued support the Club would cease to function. We look forward to an exciting new year with possibly a new class of boat.

May I wish you all a happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year

Three cheers for the Clapham Model Yacht Club.

Who’s right is it anyway?

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Going through the photographs from Sunday’s racing, I thought it would be entertaining to have a look at some of them and see what’s happening and what should have happened.

Take a look at the picture and see if you know who has right of way, and what actions should be taken:


If you know and would like to play a web based quiz about the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the Play the Rules website is a great way to play and learn.

The answer is…. Continue Reading Who’s right is it anyway?…

17th Dec – 6M (and Soling)

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The Long Pond sees a glorious day of sailing

With sunshine, but not the warmth of a summers day, the members who turned up had a rewarding time. The morning started with a visit from Graham Reeve, the imported of the Soling, who came from Birmingham to show us the scaled down version of the Olympic class yacht. Two boats were on the water for members to sail, and they caused much enjoyment and banter on the pond side. The simplicity of the kits and the ease of build would make them a great starting point for any beginner wanting to join the club, and also be a benefit for those of us still working full time!

The kits come with Continue Reading 17th Dec – 6M (and Soling)…

A date for your diaries – 17th December

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The last official sailing day before Christmas could be one of the most interesting. I’ve had confirmation from the UK importer of the Soling that he will be visiting us on the 17th. With him he’ll be bringing his complete Soling, a Soling in kit form and a member from Hampton Court who will be bringing their Soling as well. Members will be able to sail these boats together, and see the kit and how much work goes into building these boats.

It really will be an excellent opportunity to see these boats in action, and give your opinions as to whether the club should adopt these shallow draft (10 inch) boats alongside our existing IOM and 6M fleet. We welcome any prospective members or those with an interest in seeing the Soling on the water to come and join us from 11am onwards.

The 17th will also (hopefully) see the launch of my 6M. It’s been a long time in the making – Don’t Ask! – But the final layers of paint are going on the hull and I’m making the sails this afternoon. So by the end of the day, not only will I be covered in bright blue paint, my flat will be littered with offcuts of dacron and mylar…wish me luck!

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish the best of the season to members past, present and future. Happy Christmas and fair winds to you all.

Graham – Secretary CMYC

The Soling Project

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One of the problems we have had in making a decision on which, or what, new boat to try is that while we have seen what the “bottle boat” can do on the water, we have not been able to compare performance with any of the other suggested boats. This may be resolved on the 17th December when I believe we may see one, possibly two, Solings on the water, this due to the efforts of Graham who I believe might have persuaded the importer to come to Clapham to show us how they perform. While the 17th is our usual 6M day, it would be good if one or two 1M,s  from the Club were also to sail so that we could see a comparison between the two classes. It should be a very interesting morning.

3rd Dec – IOM

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After a wild night with heavy wind and torrential rain, Sunday dawned wet and very windy but a few brave souls turned up at the pond and found that the weather improved dramatically, and by 11am the sun was out and it was a lovely morning, if still quite windy. Six of us were there and rigged the 1M,s and tried sailing. Some cautious skippers hoisted a second suit, but others, who had either not come prepared or had no second suit, sailed bravely forth with a top suit. To say that the sailing was boisterous was an understatement!. After sailing for about an hour skippers gave up, thinking discretion was the better part of valour. We all then retired to the Clubhouse for tea and buns and then followed a lively disscussion on the Soling project which I believe is gaining ground among members as fulfilling all the criteria that we had set. It will be a one design, easily available and reasonably priced, especially if Graham keeps twisting peoples arms. Both the Chairman and Graham have been costing lead shot, and prices are coming down. We also welcomed Cyril Driver during the morning, someone we do not see as often as we would like. Cyril has confirmed his intention to renew, and in fact has now paid his subscription. The Chairman has heard from Mark Dicks who will also renew, and who has brought a new member into the Club, his son.  Sunday proved to be a fun day with some boisterous sailing, fortunately without damage to any boat as far as I am aware, some lively talk on the Soling project without making any firm commitment, and the Chairman having a long chat with a prospective member during the lunch break, which meant he was still eating his lunch when the others went out to have another attempt at sailing a course, but with no greater success than the pre lunch session.   

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