Sailing at Clapham on the 15th January

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Sorry we have been off the air for a while, I have been having trouble with the computer but I hope to avoid that in future as I am trying to get other Club members empowered to raise “blogs”, including Hugh who has come up trumps again in providing these notes on the 15th January meeting, the first one of 2012. So here goes-
Conditions sunny with wind southeasterly, force 1-3. Slightly chilly, but warm in the shelter of the Clubhouse veranda where Richard was repairing the keel of his Soling. John helped Fred get his newly aquired 6 Metre (Jack,s old boat) into action
There was another 6 Metre, Grant,s Seismic, available to other sailors, but in the end only three boats were racing, Hugh,s boat being out of action due to the rudder droppong off in the middle of the pond.
There was some thin ice left from overnight frost laying in the south-western end of the pond, so the usual windward mark was brought nearer the Clubhouse, making a shorter course.
Results of the racing were as follows-,
Race 1. Grant, Leslie, Fred
Race 2. Leslie, Grant, Fred
Race 3. Leslie, Fred. Grant
Race 4. Leslie, Fred. Grant
Race 5. Leslie, Grant, Fred
Race 6. Fred, Leslie, Grant
Race 7. Grant, Hugh, Fred
Race 8. Grant, Leslie, Fred
Fred did well, trying out an older woodern boat against an all carbon Rococo with linked keel trim tab (extra keel rudder), and a fibreglass Renaissance with carbon wing keel and aluminium mast (inexpensive plans are available for these last 2 designs for wooden home builders.
Perhaps the sea- kindly classic 6 Metre rule can bring out the latent racing sailor, we will have to watch Fred doesn,t slip past us too many times.
There was interest from bystanders, a Laser sailor on a day trip from Brighton took some video footage which he promised to email.
Next scheduled race; One Metre day, Sunday 5th February.
Regards, Hugh.

As I have said, I will try to get other Club members involved in posting “blog,s” on the Club site so that anyone who has something to say would be able to get to a wider audience.
Jim Robinson has forwarded to me a long Email he received from the Council in which there was some hint that maintenance work could be carried out on the pond in return for limited access to the pond for fishing matches on selected dates. As I received the copy Email I will take it upon myself to answer it, making clear that the first claim on the pond is that for model yacht racing, but if as a Club we might get something out of it in the way of cleaning up the pond I feel sure we could come to some arrangement on dates and times. I will post the outcome of any correspondence in due course.
The weather is still cold but as soon as it improves I hope to join you all at the pondside, but till then, good sailing. Derek.

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