Six Metre sailing at Clapham on the 19th October.

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19 October – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Mild, sunny intervals, wind south west force 3 to 4.


Grant, Leslie and Jim were racing from time to time. Jim had rig problems, the strong winds were quite testing for gear and boat control.


Richard came to work on his  Soling, John and Fred came later in the afternoon.



Race 1: Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Grant, Leslie

Race 3: Hugh, Grant

Race 4: Hugh, Grant

Race 5: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 6: Leslie, Grant

Race 7: Hugh, Grant

Race 8: Jim, Grant, Hugh

Race 9: Leslie, Grant

Race 10: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 11: Hugh, Grant

Race 12: Hugh, Grant




Hell everyone, a note to let you know that next Sunday, the 26th October, will be a Vintage Group day at the pond. It would be nice if some of our members turn up to show support. Derek.

One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 5th October.

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Sunday 5 October  –  First Sunday of the month – One Metre Day



Warm, sunny, very light winds force 1 to 2 variable South to Westerly.


Because of the light winds, a short course was set.  15 races were completed, with frequent changes in wind direction in different parts of the pond.


Those racing were: Odd, Leslie, Hugh, Grant, Ted, Jim and John. Richard came to work on his Soling.



Race 1: Hugh, John, Ted

Race 2: Hugh, Leslie, Ted

Race 3: Hugh, Grant, Leslie

Race 4: Leslie, Ted, Jim

Race 5: Leslie, Odd, Ted

Race 6: Ted, Leslie, Jim

Race 7: Leslie, Ted, John

Race 8: Leslie, Hugh, Odd

Race 9: Hugh, Ted, Leslie

Race 10: Hugh, Leslie, Odd

Race 11: Leslie, Hugh, John

Race 12: Hugh, Ted, John

Race 13: Leslie, Ted, Odd

Race 14: Hugh, John, Ted

Race 15: Ted, Hugh, Leslie





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