6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 21st April.

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A fine day at Clapham. Sunny, but with little wind. I arrived early at 10.15 for my first outing after my winter hibernation and wondered whether I had got the wrong day as no-one else turned up till 10.45, to be joined in dribs and drabs by the remaining members and it was not until nearly midday that we got the fleet on the water. As it happened we got a good turnout with nine members in all. Hugh got the buoys out and started us off and kept us going at a fair old pace, one race following another without pause. In all we got 8 races in before we broke for lunch at about 1pm, thereafter there did not seem a willingness to start again and racing was abandoned for the day. Results as follows-;
Race 1. Leslie, Fred, Derek
Race 2. Jim, Leslie, Derek
Race 3. Jim, Hugh, Fred
Race 4. Jim, Derek, Leslie
Race 5. Jim, Derek, Fred
Race 6. Jim, Leslie, John
Race 7. Leslie, Derek, Ted
Race 8. Hugh, Derek, Ted
We had some good racing, but the wind was light and races did drag on a bit at times. Nevertheless, we had a good turnout and a variety of winners but we do seem to be starting later and later, and we get less and less races in before we break for lunch and interest wanes in starting again after lunch. Perhaps as the weather improves members will feel like getting up earlier. It was good to be at the pond and see all of you again but I am getting to old for this and I arrived back home absolutely worn out, dropped into a chair and fell asleep!
See you all again (hopefully) on the 5th May. Derek.

One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 7th April.

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Conditions were much improved at Clapham compared to recent meetings, the day was sunny with a South-East breeze force 1-2. A good turnout of members who raced for 2 hours in the light conditions. Results as follows;-
Race 1. John, Odd, Ted
Race 2. Leslie, Richard, Jim
Race 3. John, Ted, Jim
Race 4. Hugh, Ted, Odd
Race 5. Ted, Odd, John
Race 6. Ted, Leslie, Richard
Race 7. Jim, John, Leslie
Race 8. Leslie, Odd, Fred
Race 9. Leslie, Odd, Grant
Looks like nearly everyone had a place at the front at one time or another which gives encouragement to all.
If this weather continues even I might be tempted to turn up at the pond.
Happy sailing, Derek.

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