Vintage Club day at Clapham on the 14th June

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Sadly there was not a great turnout of Vintage Club members and there were few boats worthy of note, apart from a nice wooden Marblehead type brought by Russell Potts.
Happily there were almost as many Clapham Club members (8) who had turned up to support the Vintage Club. We also welcomed a new member, Robert Cumming, who has purchased a Soling and seems quite keen. There being so many members there it seemed a good idea to do some racing, and chose to sail 1M,s. Hugh and Leslie had not brought thier boats but managed quite a few races by sailing boats offered by other owners. As it was not a scheduled race day I regret that no results sheet was kept but there were several winners. One of the first was Leslie, sailing Derek,s Triple Crown. He romped home a fine winner but I do not think he won again. Jim , as always, did well. Derek had two wins, after some technical tweeking of the boat by Ted. Ted chose not to sail his boat so as to give the rest of us a chance, but cheered us on from the sidelines. I guess we had 7 or 8 races, some very close and in a fleet of 5 boats sailed by 8 skippers all got at , or near, the front.
Next scheduled race day is the 21st June, but as advised in the last blog,this is the day of the London to Brighton bicycle race which starts from Clapham Common and I think Rookery Road will be closed to parking. Those who come by car could well have a problem.
We had a good , if impromptue , race day and Leslie , if given a decent boat to sail, shows promise of being a fine skipper. Derek.

sailing at Clapham on the 7th June.

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I initially thought sailing would be unlikely when I was wakened at 5am by loud thunder and torrential rain, however, by 8am it was clear and the sun showed signs of breaking through. When I set out for Clapham at 10am (I was late) it was dry but cloudy. There was quite a crowd at the pond (8) and we made a start on racing about 11.30, only to be rained on, but only for about ten minutes or so. In the rush, while we had set up the starter box, we had neglected to provide a score sheet and so have had to rely on enquiries made after racing finished. The results showed quite a spread of winners and runners up as follows-,
Richard. 2 wins, using Ted,s boat.
Ted. 4 wins.
Hugh. 2 wins, 3 second places.
Jim. 2 second places, 2 thirds.
John S. 1 third place.
If I have missed anyone out I apologise.
After the slightly damp start the weather cleared and the sun came out and remained out for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. The wind was a little flukey but we all had some good racing.

Sunday 14th June,
The Vintage Club will be at the pond and should be worth a look.

Sunday 21st June.
This is scheduled to be a 6M race day and I believe we might also see Jack Sanday,s family there sailing some of Jack,s boats (it is Fathers Day), BUT, I have seen a sign which says the London to Brighton bicycle race is on that day and it usually starts from Clapham Common. In the past parking in Rookery Road has been banned and parking generally is restricted and will be difficult. You have been warned. Derek.

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