Racing at Clapham on the 15th December.

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3rd Sunday 15 December 6 Metre Day

Southwesterly wind force 2-4 chilly with showers

In spite of the inclement conditions, a few races were held. John was also racing, Ted came late but did not race. Jim rigged his boat with Christmas lights.

Race 1: Grant, Leslie
Race 2: Grant, Leslie
Race 3: Grant, Hugh
Race 4: Leslie, Grant
Race 5: Leslie, Grant, Jim
Race 6: Hugh, Grant, Jim
Race 7: Leslie, Grant
Race 8: Leslie, Grant

Happy Christmas to everyone. Derek.

1 Metre racing and the AGM at Clapham on the 1st December.

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Sunday 1st December, One Metre Day

After the AGM, a few races were held.

Conditions: Overcast, wind force 1 North to Northwest, because the wind was light, a short course was set.

Race 1: Leslie, John, Odd
Race 2: Leslie, John, Odd
Race 3: Hugh, Ted, John
Race 4: Leslie, Odd, John
Race 5: Odd, Leslie, John

The racing followed the AGM at which I took the Chair in the absence of Mark. The meeting went without incident and I may publish the Minutes as a blog. I am waiting approval from the rest of the Committee before I do this. For those who were not at the meeting I hope by now they will have read my earlier blog on how important it is that those wanting to renew membership send their subscription, now increased to £22, as soon as possible to the Treasurer, and certainly before mid January so that the Treasurer can send the affiliation fee to the MYA before the deadline of the 31st January. Failure to do so will result in them being dropped from the MYA membership list. It has been suggested that those who remit late may also have to reapply for membership of the Club as well as the MYA.
May I wish you all a happy Christmas and good sailing in 2014. Derek.

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