6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 21st February.

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21 February 2016 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Very mild, cloudy, wind west southwest force 4 to 6.


The conditions were similar to the One Metre Day, 2 weeks ago, when racers had changed down to middle rig.

However, the Six Metres did not have reduced sails, and the wind in the gusts was too much for sailing with full rig.


Leslie tried out his newly acquired 6 Metre, a Revival design, but with the full rig she was overpowered in the gusts, and occasionally thrown down onto her beam ends. It was not sensible to continue, so after a brief check out that the gear was working, he retired from the day’s sailing.


Also present during the day were Jim, Hugh, John and Richard.



if conditions improve and enough turn up next sunday we could run a six metre race  then. i have refurbed another two boats that are available for club use .



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As President of the Club I have taken it upon myself to deal with this problem.

I have received a phone call from one of our members who said he had been dropped from the MYA membership listing because of non payment of subscription and was no longer eligible to participate in the MYA racing calender. He admitted he had not as yet paid his CMYC subscription for the year 2016.

Those of us who have served as Treasurer of the Club will know the frustration of having subscriptions paid late and the irritation of having to send off subscriptions to the MYA in dribs and drabs. It has become obvious that the MYA Treasurer felt exactly the same and a Rule was passed by the MYA that if subscriptions were not paid by the 31st January the person would be dropped from the MYA membership listing until such time as the subscription was received.

This change in attitude by the MYA was brought to the attention of CMYC members a couple of years ago and was restated clearly in the Club blog dated 26th November 2015 advising the date of the 2015 AGM where in capital letters it spelt out the consequence of late payment of subscriptions. Members are aware that the CMYC subscription includes a levy for payment to the MYA, and if our Treasurer does not receive a subscription from a member he cannot pay the levy to the MYA. It was clearly set out in the blog that subscriptions should be paid by mid January at the latest. If members do not trouble to read the Club blog,s they cannot later say they did not know or were not aware of the information.

Club subscriptions can still be paid, either by cheque to the Treasurer or I believe by electronic transfer, in which case the member will be re-instated to Club membership and the levy paid to the MYA.

I do hope I have made the situation entirely clear.      D Cross, President, CMYC.

vintage group

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i have been contacted by Athony Warren with proposed dates for vintage days at clapham

13 march

8 may

11 sept

23 oct

he informed me clapham is the most popular venue on there calendar

Racing at Clapham on the 7th February.

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7 February 2016 – First Sunday on the Month – One Metre Day



Cloudy, chilly, wind Southwest force 4 to 6.


The strong winds obliged those racing to fit middle rig. Even so, at times it was difficult to handle the boats in the stronger gusts.


Those racing were Odd,, Grant, Leslie, Jim and Matt. Richard, John and Hugh were also present, but did not race.



Race 1: Odd, Leslie, Matt

Race 2: Odd, Leslie, Matt

Race 3: Odd, Matt, Jim

Race 4: Odd Matt, Leslie

Race 5: Odd, Matt, Leslie

Race 6: Odd, Matt, Leslie

Race 7: Odd, Matt, Leslie

Race 8: Odd, Jim



basketball courts

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hi members

i have been sent a plan for works to the court area.there will be a high fence to keep balls in around the perimeter with three gates for access to remain open .floodlights and bench seating.i have a copy of the plan at the club.also i attended a meeting of the clapham common society on thursday and learned a few interesting facts and history plus some of the plans in the pipeline.

yours jim robinson






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