Sunday 19 August 2018 – Six Metre Day

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Sunday 19 August 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Cloudy, warm, wind south westerly force 3 to 5.

Because water level was still very low, we raced Solings, nevertheless there were occasional groundings.

Those racing from time to time included: Leslie, Hugh, Grant, John, Ted and Fred.

Wind was generally breezy, at times the boats were overpowered in the gusts, causing boats to be driven off course, sometimes lead changing as a result There were also gear failures from the stress of high winds. Altogether 11 races were completed.

Race 1: Leslie, Grant
Race 2: Leslie, Grant
Race 3: Ted, Hugh, Grant
Race 4: Ted, Grant, Hugh
Race 5: Hugh, Leslie, Ted
Race 6: Ted, Leslie
Race 7: Leslie, John, Hugh
Race 8: Leslie, Hugh, John
Race 9: Ted, John, Leslie
Race 10: Hugh, Ted, John
Race 11: John, Fred

Next race is One Metre Day on 2 September, see you there, Hugh

5 August 2018 – One Metre Day

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5 August 2018 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day


Hot, sunny. Wind south easterly to north westerly force 1 to 3.

Water level was very low, dogs walked on the bottom rather than swmming. One Metres could not be raced. Water level was also too low for Six Metres. Solings were raced, although groundings were frequent, but everyone was affected from time to time. Wind direction on the pond was variable, and there were frequent calms.

Those racing included: Leslie, Hugh, Jim and John, Only 3 boats were available, so Hugh shared boats with Leslie and Jim. A short course was set enabling 11 races to be completed.


Race 1: Leslie, John, Jim

Race 2: Jim, John, Leslie

Race 3: John, Jim, Hugh

Race 4: Jim, Leslie, John

Race 5: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 6: Hugh, Leslie

Race 7: Leslie, Hugh

Race 8: Hugh, Leslie

Race 9: Leslie, Hugh

Race 10: Hugh, Leslie

Race 11: Leslie, Jim

There is a vintage day due next Sunday. Next race day is scheduled for Sunday 19 August. See you then, Hugh.

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