21 January 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

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21 January 2018 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Cold and wet, rain becoming snow, wind east south east, force 1 to 2.

Because of the conditions, the park was practically empty, only a few sailors turned up. Nevertheless, it was decided to try some racing. Those racing from time to time were: Leslie, Hugh and Jim. John came but decided not to race, Paul also was there.

A short course was set, using two buoys near to the clubhouse, with two sausage courses sailed round these marks. Three races were held, with Hugh retiring after 2 races. Those racing should get marks for endurance.

Race 1: Leslie, Hugh, Jim
Race 2: Leslie, Jim, Hugh
Race 3: Leslie, Jim

See you all next One Metre race on 4 February, Hugh

1 metre day first sunday of 2018

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7 January 2018 – First Sunday of the month – One Metre Day

Cold, sunny, wind force 3 to 5 northeast veering east-north east.

The first race day of 2018 was not as cold as the forecast appeared. There was no ground frost, the wind chill put the temperature just below freezing. The day was very sunny, the glare on the pond made it difficult to see the boats approaching the wing mark on the far side of the pond.

Numbers attending were low, perhaps some people were put off by the forecast, and were expecting the pond to be iced over. Jim had given a prior apology as he had to give safety boat cover at his sailing club.

Those attending were: Leslie, Hugh, new member Mark and John. Paul also came, he is starting to learn to sail.

Leslie got out onto the pond. Hugh and Grant were expected to join him. Hugh had arranged to lend Mark his boat. Unfortunately Grant found the shrouds on his Mandarin had slackened beyond the limits of adjustment, for reasons that were unaccountable. He could not find a fix to this problem, and if he had sailed with the shrouds slack, they could have become unhooked.

Hugh joined Leslie on the water, and lent his boat to Mark, who had a practise race with Leslie. Hugh then sailed one race, Mark sailed the next race. Unfortunately the sail winch was stopping intermittently which prevented the boat from continuing. John decided the wind was too strong, and it must be admitted the conditions were so overpowering under top rig, with boats burying bows off the wind, that failures were likely.

Nevertheless the day was very pleasant and made a good start to the 2018 season.

Practice race: Leslie, Mark
Formal race 1: Leslie, Hugh
Formal race 2: Leslie, Mark.

There was no Six Metre Racing on the third Sunday of December when the AGM was held, afterwards it was raining, members decided to call off racing.

Hope to see you all at the next Six Metre race, 21 January 2018, Hugh

Clapham Model Yacht Club

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