Sailing at the long Pond on Sunday 26th February.

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Beautifull day weatherwise at the pond. Warm sunshine but little wind. There were seven of us there to sail the Solings. So early in the year it was evident that some maintenance was needed on the boats, mine included, and so no organised racing took place for which results could be posted. John came to my rescue with some glue which enabled me to stick back a part that had come loose. First class stuff, and for those of you that have Solings, try the non pressure solvent glue that is sold for welding plastic plumbing pipes together. It works instantly and is very strong.
Mark was buzzing around the pond with a “Micro Magic”, a pretty boat but very small, but it does sail well if you can manage to see it over the other side of the pond.
By lunchtime skippers had either sorted out their boats, or had given up trying to fix them, and those four or five of us that were left carried on sailing. There is something very challenging in sailing a “one class” boat and it can be very enjoyable, depending on whether you are at the front of the fleet or at the back, but if you are at the back you know it is the way your boat is rigged or tuned, or the way you are sailing it that is the reason. The boats are all the same and frequent sailing will teach skippers how to sail them and, unlike the 1Ms or 6Ms, a skipper cannot blame his lack of success on thhe old cry of “his boat is better/more modern than mine”. I think we could all become better sailors if we were to sail the Solings more often, knowing that every boat is the same and it is tactics and tuning that makes the difference.

I have taken the MYA year books to the Clubhouse and they are now there for members to help themselves to a copy.

I have had a conversation with Anthony Warren of the Vintage Group and have arranged four meetings at which we will be host to that Club. These are 11March 10June 8July and 28October.

I have had an Email from a Mr Young. His Great,Great,Grandfather kept a scrap book with many entries in it relating to the Clapham Steam and Sailing Club dating from 1908. The attachments with the Email were copies of newspaper cuttings and photographs of boats of the time. The Headquarters of the Club was given as the “Alexandra Hotel, Clapham Common” with the boathouse at “No.24, The Pavement”. Mr Young says he is keen to visit the Club one of these days and I shall keep in touch with him to urge him to do so, and if possible to bring the scrapbook with him so that we may see more of the cuttings.
It is satisfying to see that the Clapham Club has always attracted important local people to support it. In 1908/9 the Commodore was the local MP, with a JP as Vice Commodore. We also had the local MP as President of the Club in the 1980,s I think.
Should any member like to have the Email and attachments copied to them, let me know.
I think that is all for now. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Derek.

Sailing at Clapham on the 19th February.

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Once again I am indebted to Hugh for a report on the day,s sailing, which follows-,
Sunday 19th February, 6 Metre day.
Weather. \wind northeast force 2-3, chilly with occasional sunshine.
Boats raced. Leslie and Hugh sailed Rococo, Chris sailed Siesmic, Ted-Dolphin and Grant-Renaissance.
Race 1. Leslie, Chris, Ted
Race 2. Grant, Leslie, Ted
Race 3. Grant, Ted, Leslie
Race 4. Grant, Ted, Leslie
Race 5. Ted, Grant, Leslie
Race 6. Ted, Leslie, Chris
Race 7. Chris, Leslie, Ted
Race 8. Hugh, Chris, Ted

Seems like a band of hardy intrepid sailors, I regret I was not one of them.
I received the MYA Year Books in late January but regret I have not been at the pond to delivber them. I am told that there is to be a Soling race on the 26th (this coming Sunday) and so I shall make a determined effort to be there and will bring the year books with me. Will see you all then. Derek.

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