6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 19th August.

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Not a great day at the pond I regret to say. The wind was almost non existant apart from a few puffs now and again, and it was very hot and humid.
Only four of us braved the heat and it took a little while for us to decide whether it was worth putting the boats on the water, in the end we decided to have a go but the races were largely drifting matches with the occasional puff, and whoever got the puff first sailed away and was difficult to catch.
In the heat we broke early for a drink at 12.30, only to have a thunder storm erupt and heavy rain for nearly an hour. We sat under the Clubhouse porch and watched the rain. We did try another race after the rain ceased only to find the wind had ceased as well, so we gave up.
A pleasant social event, but little sailing which was the reason for being there.
The few races we did get in resulted as follows-,
Race 1. Jim, John, Hugh
Race 2. Jim, Hugh, John
Race 3. Jim, John, Hugh
Race 4. Jim, John, Derek
The only reason I appear in the result of the last race is because Hugh had given up and gone home!
The next scheduled 1 Metre race is on the 2nd September and I hope to see you all there. Derek.

One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 5th August.

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A day of sunshine and showers on Sunday. The day started off well and I called in to see Duggie in his care home on the way to the pond. He is looking well and seems happy enough and, while one cannot hold a conversation with him because he is unable to speak, by talking to him and asking questions to which he can reply by a shake or nod of the head, one can make progress. He is quick to laugh . I asked if there was anything he needed and he said not. I was with him for about 3/4 of an hour and by the time I left it was raining again.
There were a few members at the pond but due to the rain there were no boats on the water. It did stop raining about noon and soon there was a small fleet on the water and in good conditions we got four races in before the rain came down again! By 2pm most had left the pond, just in time to see the sun come out again, but there was no wind at all.
I called in on Alan on the way home to see how he was. He is well, or as well as can be expected after his second stroke. He is mobile and speaks well, if a little hesitantly. Brenda, his wife, says she will bring him to the pond on the 19th if the weather is warm and sunny.
Hugh got the buoys out and started us off and there was some close racing in the light and flukeky winds, but a few got caught on an underwater obstacle on the racing line to the first buoy. Perhaps the maintenance team can have a go at removing it as it can ruin a members race. I made a great start in the third race only to get to the obstacle first and get stuck there while the rest of the fleet sailed by. I believe John had the same unfortunate experience, and maybe others too.
The Clubhouse is looking good at present. The Council have done a grand job replacing all the electrical wiring and new light fittings, and Richard, and his missus I understand, have tidied up inside so big thanks to them. We should all make an effort to keep it that way.
The results are as follows-,
Race 1. Leslie, Jim, Derek
Race 2. Jim, Derek, Leslie
Race 3. Leslie, John, Chris
Race 4. Derek, Leslie, Chris
I think there are plans for a Soling race on the 12th August and then there is the 6M race on the 19th. Hope to see you all then. Derek.

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