six metre day

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20 november third sunday
conditions cloudy damp chilly wind westerly force 3-4

those racing from time to time included leslie hugh john and new member mike .richard also came and helped with keeping score,hugh sailed 3 races then lent his boat to mike .some members had not turned up in expectation of the high winds (i had family duties sunday jim) but this happened in the early morning .winds while racing were moderate
race 1:hugh leslie.john
2:hugh leslie.john
posted by jim as derek ill

derek cross

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i received a call wed to say that derek had a bleed on the brain and has had an operation and is still in hospital .i am sure we all wish him a speedy recovery .i will post any news if i  receive any updates on his condition.


One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 6th November.

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6 November 2016 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day



Sunny at first, clouding over, cold, wind North Westerly force 2 to 4.

The wind was coming over the clubhouse, shifting from across the pond to coming from the western end. The sun countered the cold wind, but as the clouds spread, it became colder, and in the end we decided to come in after 10 races were completed.


Those racing from time to time were, Grant, Leslie, John, Jim, Chris and Ted.



Race 1: Grant, Leslie, John

Race 2: John, Grant, Leslie

Race 3: Leslie, John, Grant

Race 4: John, Leslie, Jim

Race 5: Jim, Leslie, Ted

Race 6: John, Leslie, Chris

Race 7: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 8: Leslie, Ted, Jim

Race 9: John, Leslie, Jim

Race 10: Leslie, John, Jim




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