6 metre

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20 October – 3rd Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day


Cool, wind north to north northeasterly force 1-3.

Those racing from time to time were Leslie, Hugh, Grant and Jim.

Northerly wind was deflected and blanketed by the clubhouse and was variable in strength and direction over a short period. Anyone who was stalled before buoy rounding saw other boats get a clear ahead lead. ResultsRace 1: Grant, Hugh, Leslie

Race 2: Jim, Grant, Hugh

Race 3: Jim, Grant, Leslie

Race 4: Hugh, Leslie,Grant

Race 5: Hugh, Leslie, Jim

Race 6: Hugh, Leslie, Jim

Race 7: Leslie, Hugh, Jim

Race 8: Leslie, Hugh, Jim

See you next One Metre Day 3 November 2019, Hugh

1 metre

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unday 6 October 2019 – One Metre Day

Conditions Mild, cloudy, wind force 3 to 4 generally north north-westerly.Those racing from time to time were: Leslie, Hugh and Jim.

The wind on the pond was coming across the clubhouse bank. Mostly the boats were overpowered on the limit of top rig and nearly uncontrollable at times. Unfortunately the two buoys on the clubhouse bank were blanketed locally: first by the clubhouse, for the starting buoy; and next, for the number one buoy, by a small tree to windward. When a boats became stalled at either of these marks they were left standing, and others slipped past to get a clear lead.

Note for next time with similar winds, shift the number one buoy clear of the windward obstruction of this small tree. Six races were held altogether, ended by a brief shower.


Race 1: Jim, Leslie, Hugh

Race 2: Jim, Leslie, Hugh

Race 3: Jim, Hugh

Race 4: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Race 5: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Race 6: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Next event is the Six Metre Race on Sunday 20 October , see you then, Hugh

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