Sailing at Clapham on the 4th December.

December 6, 2011 at 6:31 pm | Posted in News | 4 Comments

As I am no longer taking such an active role in the Club,s affairs it will be neccessary to arrange for some other Club member to have authority to post “blogs”. It might also be neccessary to arrange for someone new to have authority to change/amend the Club web site. I hope to be in touch Graham Snook about this matter.
In the meantime I am happy to continue the posts, and Hugh Hugh has kindly agreed to supply the race reports, as he has been doing. Hugh,s report on last Sundays race is as follows-,
Chilly south west wind force 3 with stronger gusts. Cloudy with showers starting when we packed up.
Note that Mark was sailing his new class of boat, the RG65, small, but beautifully formed.
Race 1. Grant, Chris, John
Race 2. John, Chris, Mark
Race 3. Leslie, John, Chris
Race 4. Leslie, Mark, John
Race 5. Leslie, John, Grant
Race 6. Leslie, John, Mark
Race 7. John/Leslie, tied for first place, Mark, Chris
Race 8. John, Leslie, Mark

Seems there was a good mix of winners, long may it continue. Derek.

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