The Jack Sanday Memorial Race. 17th October.

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The second running of the memorial race took place on Sunday on a fine day, although the wind was a little light. I had decided to run the event myself and so to release my boats for other skippers to sail, sadly the boats let me down, both having radio problems. Because once the racing schedule has been started and additional boats cannot be slotted in, the start was delayed untill all the likely entrants had turned up and this meant that racing did not commence untill 12 o,clock, but once started I feel that the programme progressed pretty well. Ted had been due to sail one of my boats but was left without a boat untill Hugh kindly offered to share his boat with him. Everyone else was was able to sail their own boat. In all we had seven boats on the water which meant that for every skipper to sail every other skipper ther were 21 races to be run. Because of the late start it was decided not to stop for for a lunch break, but even so racing was not completed untill about 2.30. The prizegiving took place in the Clubhouse and the placings were as follows.
!st. Leslie, with 5 points
2nd. Jim R, with 4 points
3rd. Hugh, with 4 points
4th. John T with 4 points
5th, Ted with 3 points
6th, Grant with 1 point
7th, Alan with 0 points
Three skippers having each scored 4 points I had to count back and check which of those skippers had won his race against the other two. On this system, Jim had beaten both Hugh and John, and Hugh had beaten John. Once started the meeting went well but because of the need to get the races over quickly and so finish at a reasonable time, the skippers decided that the countdown time should be reduced to 10 seconds instead of the usual minute, this, in hindsight, proved a poor decision as it gave very little time for tactics to come into play at the start. We shall learn by our mistakes and I can only hope that the decision did not affect the results.
Prizes were awarded for the first three places and I had been able to coble up a small trophy for the winner. I hope we shall be able to run the event again next year in Jack,s memory, and it was perhaps fitting that Phil was able to get Jack,s “Winston Churchill” on the water where it made a fine sight and was a fitting tribute to Jack.
NOTE. Next Sunday, 24th October, we shall be hosting a meeting of the Vintage Group. Please try and be there to support them.
The next meeting of the CMYC is a 1M race on the 7th November.
Also note that I shall set the 2010 AGM meeting for the 21st November. Make sure you are there. Derek.

20th January, a non sailing day at Clapham

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On a day when more members than usual turned up at the pond it was a great pity that although the weather was very mild, the wind was very strong. It was meant to be a 6M day but when Derek ventured out on the water the boat was very hard pressed, and after the sails had flogged so much that a patch was torn out of the mainsail leech he gave up and struggled back to the Clubhouse with it. A later atempt by John and Derek at sailing the SOLING fared a little better but racing would have been difficult. In these difficult conditions there were two highlights. Ted had brought along a new toy which was a radio controlled surf board, complete with a voluptous blond on board, which treated the choppy conditions as its natural habitat and was truly quite astonishing to watch. The fact that there was no sail allowed it to cope with the strong wind as if it did not exist. The other highlight was Jim Vice,s bottle boat which sailed well, if a little on the edge at times. The fact that it only had a scrap of a storm rig hoisted helped it to cope with the strong wind, and to see the boat running down wind was spectacular, the boat planing for some distance at times. Apart from the hardy souls mentioned no other skippers ventured out on the pond. To take advantage of the wind Jim R  and Ted did have a go later at kite flying instead. Because of the conditions Graham left early, looking very dissapointed, and Allan followed soon after. The rest of us talked in the Clubhouse which, while quite enjoyable, was not the same as having some exciting racing. It does seem that we can cope with any sort of weather on the pond except high winds. If we all had storm suits we might have managed, but no one has except Jim V with his bottle boat. The meeting broke up fairly early, at least one member going home after having ordered new sail material from the Club Chandler. Let us hope for better conditions on the first Sunday in February. See you then. Derek.

Sailing on Sunday6th January 2008.

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The first Club sailing day of 2008, and what a great day it was, sunny and a nice breeze. Our new member, John, was there sailing his new SOLING that had been built for him by one of the Club members. It sailed well and he seemed pleased with it. It was meant to be a 1M day but Derek had not brought one as his car had been full of SOLING,S so he set up the Club COMIK in order that he could compete. The COMIK is still a great design, although now some 20 years old, and held its own well against the other more modern designs being sailed. There were five of us sailing, although John sailing his SOLING was a little outclassed in the company of the 1M,s, and the sailing was quite close, the COMIK being up there with the leaders, and in the lead at times. The wind was a little fickle and the COMIK appeared to like a strong breeze. Hugh left early and Jim retired with a tired battery so we finished the day with a series of match races between Derek and Ted, Derek sailing the COMIK and Ted sailing the ex-Chris Dicks own boat, one of his last designs while COMIK was very much an earlier one, being designed especially for the Club in I think the 1980,s. Of the series of three races Ted won two, one of them by a small margin, and Derek the other one. It was great to see the two designs by Chris Dicks, each separated by a period of nearly 20 years, at some points of sailing being neck and neck, although the later narrower beamed boat being I think better overall.  Any Club member who needs a 1M to sail should take the opportunity to sail the Club COMIK, he will have a good and competitive sail. Derek was so impressed he is going to try and buy back his own COMIK from its current owner. A great days sailing , and if the rest of the year is as enjoyable we are in for a great time.

Sailing at Clapham on 21st October

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Another beautiful day at Clapham, well as regards sunshine anyway, as regards wind it was not so good. Only four of us turned up, but one of those was Jim Vice who had come to sail his new “bottle boat” which had been presented to him in recognition of his long service for the MYA. Appropriately it had been named  “SIR VICE”, a lovely play on words.

After a bit there was a small breeze and we took the opportunity to sail the Solings as it was thought the breeze was too light to move the 6Metres. Racing was leisurely to say the least, but enjoyable nevertheless. By some strange fluke, Derek won the few races we were able to complete, a rare occurance. Ted was usually second, Allan and Jim, who was struggling a bit with his first experience of the Soling, shared the other places. With the breeze being so light we took our lunch break early, hoping that the breeze might pick up later but that did not happen so we gave up racing for the day early.

Some of you will have recieved copy Emails saying that the Club has been asked if it will host the Soling Nationals in 2008. Thanks to Rob Vice, who has offered to run the event for us, it looks as though we will be doing that. I feel that this is a great honour for the Club, although a cynic might say that as there were only 8 entries for the 2007 event and that our Club has that same number of boats built, or building, we were the logical choice. In any event Clapham, who won the event in 2007 with Mark Dicks, will stand a very good chance of winning it again in 2008, by which time we should all have had a great deal more experience in sailing and tuning the boats.

The time for the 2007 Annual General Meeting is upon us and I have set the date as the 25th November and propose a starting time of 11am. I will circulate a letter to all members nearer the date confirming this. I remind all members that the post of Chairman is becoming vacant, I am sure that you must all be getting fed up with me pontificating on matters large and small, and so I will welcome any nominations for the post. If there are any nominations for the post of Treasurer those also will be welcome. It is hoped that we will be able to discuss the 2008 Soling Nationals, and what sort of help Rob might require to make it a successful event. Do make an effort to be there on the 25th. Derek.     

6Metre day at Clapham on 16th September.

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Five of us turned up for 6Metre racing on a fine day, but very windy!. One of the five was our new member, John who sailed Derek,s  second boat so we had five boats on the water. The wind was strong and we had boisterous sailing, the boats being hard pressed sometimes.  Jim with his Seismic won most of the races, the boat going very well in the strong winds. Ted did well, coming second in several races, while John also did well in only his second outing with a 6m boat. Alan was in the middle of the fleet most of the time, while Derek, after a poor start, did better after a bit of tuning, scoring several seconds and thirds in the second half of the meeting.  A good days sailing in spite of the strong winds.

Club members please note that the Vinyage Club will be at the pond on the 30th September. Those of our own Club who go on the 30th will take the opportunity to sail the Solings. Hope to see you there on the 30th to support the Vintage Club. Derek.  

A Soling day,26th August.

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A fine day at Clapham. It started a little overcast but soon brightened up into a fine sunny day. Five of us turned up to sail the Solings. There was little wind unfortunately and at times it was more of a drifting match than racing, but having said that there was the occassional puff of wind and, as we have found with the Solings, if you happened to be last but caught the puff first it was likely you would catch the fleet up.

Jim was the most successful skipper in the early races, winning the first four, thereafter the wins were shared between him and Ted. Allen was a usual third and Derek lanquished in last place for most of the time untill Jim and Ted took pity on him and retrimed his boat, thereafter he did a little better. Hugh sailed Derek,s boat on a few occassions. The Common was very busy with some sort of “pop” festival and there seemed to be thousands there, but fortunately they did not interfere with our sailing. The Common was covered in litter of one sort or another and if the Council do not clear it swiftly I fear much of it may end up in the pond. 

1 Metre racing on 5th August.

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A beautifull day at Clapham. Bright, hot and quite windy. Five of us turned up to race and we managed to get quite a lot pf racing in. It took a bit of time to get started but when we did Ted took the first race. The second, and third, were won by Allan who was on excellent form with his boat “Manderin”. Ted took the next two races with Derek taking the sixth. Jim took the next followed by Ted again, twice, and the final race was Jim,s.  Somewhere in between we managed to fit in a lunch break. A very enjoyable day in which we all got a little sunburnt!. 

Racing on the 15th July

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Weather was good with a breeze going from non existant to moderate. Only Allan and Derek had turned up by 11am so we amused ourselves sailing the Soling,s rather than struggle with the 6M,s. Then Jim and Ted arrived and we all decided to carry on with the Soling,s to see how they would perform in the very different conditions from when we last sailed when heavy winds were the order of the day.

What a great day!. We were sailing with the knowledge that if we did not do so well it was the skipper and not the boat. There was no feeling, as there is with the 1M,s and 6M,s, that one mans boat was better than another. The wind varied in strength throughout the day and the puffs meant that however far behind the fleet you were, if you caught the wind first it was possible to overhaul and even pass the fleet. Ted won the first race, Derek won the second and then had to retire in the third because of battery failure. When the fleet was back together all the skippers won at least one race each but the main interest was in the closeness of the racing. On several occasions there was a race for the line and a handkerchief could have covered the entire fleet. Ted was heard to say that it was the best days racing he had enjoyed for a long time, and I think that sentiment was shared by all.

It was a great days racing, and I feel the Club has made the right choice with the Soling.

17th June – 6M

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Four of us turned up to race but there was a problem in that Rookery Road was closed off because of the London to Brighton bicycle ride. This meant that those that had come by car, Allan and Derek, had to search for a parking place. We both found a place but poor Allen was so far away he had not the energy to carry his boat to the Clubhouse. Derek was OK because his boat was stored in the Clubhouse. That left three of us to sail, Jim, Ted and Derek.  It was a fine day with a good breeze most of the time and we were able to sail our normal course.

To add a bit of variety to the day we changed boats in rotation so that each sailed an unfamiliar boat several times. We all had wins, although not always sailing our own boat. The most consistant boat on the day, with the most wins, was Jim,s RENAISSANCE which sailed very well, but having said that, if any of the boats happened to catch the wind right all put up a good performance. We sailed untill about 2pm and all expressed the view that we had had a good and enjoyable days sailing. Derek.  

3rd June – IOM

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Five intrepid souls turned up for the 1 Metre race. The weather was fine with light, almost non existant at times, winds for part of the time but relieved by frequent gusts which livened up the racing. We started racing our normal course but found the Clubhouse causing a wind shadow making progress very slow at times. Midway through the morning we changed the course to start at the far end of the pond and sailed virtually a square course with a dog leg on the final run to the finish. Seemed to work well. Almost everyone won a race, exept the Chaiman, and Allan had a good day sailing “Mandarin”. The slightly shorter course meant that we could get more races in and this seemed to please everyone. We attracted a possible new member, we shall see.  A good days sailing in spite of the light winds. 

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