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Sunday 7 July 2019 – One Metre Day


Warm, cloudy, wind generally easterly to north-easterly force 1 to 3.

Water level

Pond level was too low for One Metres, so we raced Solings.

3 Solings were got into commission, these were shared between the 4 people racing.

Those racing from time to time were: Jim, Hugh, Grant and Leslie.

Wind on the pond was very variable along the side of the pond from the clubhouse from the start line to the number one buoy, between a run and a close reach.

We had a shortened course because the full course would have been too slow to complete in the light winds. Instead we sailed a triangle from the number 1 buoy to the number 2 buoy on the far side of the pond then back to round the number 3 buoy by the clubhouse, where we finished on an extension of the startline.

This worked out well and places were tightly contested. The approach and rounding of the number 2 buoy on far side of the pond was very tricky, lead changed throughout the race, boats frequently formed the common light wind pattern of 2 boats close together, with the 3rd boat some way behind. 8 enjoyable races were completed. Racing sailors are encouraged to come, we need to get more

Solings in commission while low water level conditions continue.

We attracted the usual interest and photographs from passing observers in the park, some sailors of full size boats.


Race 1: Jim, Grant, Leslie

Race 2: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 3: Jim, Grant, Hugh

Race 4: Leslie, Hugh, Grant

Race 5: Leslie, Grant, Hugh

Race 6: Jim, Leslie, Hugh

Race 7: Leslie, Jim, Hugh

Race 8: Leslie, Hugh

Next 6 Metre day, Sunday 16 July, see you there, Hugh

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