1 metre race

September 8, 2017 at 7:12 pm | Posted in News | Leave a comment

3 september 2017.first sunday of the month-one metre day


cloudy -warm-wind,force 2 to 5 variable generally southerly

those racing from time to time included odd,leslie,jim,ted,john,richard and hugh were there but did not race .the wind was light at first .but increased with strong gusts to the extent that some boats were dipping their bows under on downwind legs when driven fast.wind direction was swinging wildly in the gusts .and it was felt that 8 races were enough at this point in the unpredictable conditions .results were scattered .with odds boat one of the new faster narrow designs .not winning all the races .there were some close finishes sometimes a leading boat being overtaken just inches from the finish line.


race 1 odd,jim,leslie

2 ted,leslie.odd

3 odd,leslie,john

4 leslie ,ted,odd

5 jim,odd,leslie

6 odd,leslie,jim

7 odd,jim,leslie

8 odd,leslie,jim



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