6 metre race

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16.july 2017 third sunday of the month six metre day


warm.wind,westerly force 2 to 3

those racing from time to time included ,leslie,odd,hugh,grant ,jim,ted,john.the wind was slightly variable in strength ,and direction,and there were some tightly contested finishes ,odd and leslie tied exactly for third place in race 7


race 1 grant,hugh odd

2 hugh,odd,leslie

3 hugh,leslie,ted

4 grant,jim.ted

5 ted,hugh,leslie

6 hugh,jim,odd

7 hugh,ted,tied third odd,leslie

8 grant.hugh,leslie

9 grant,jim,john

10 jim,john,ted

11 jim,leslie,ted


next regular race day in august is replaced by vintage day on first sunday 6 august .so one metre day ( probably soling ) will be the next week on 13 august


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