Derek Cross

February 10, 2017 at 11:31 am | Posted in News | 3 Comments

Hello everybody, just to let you know that I am back home and recovering from my spell in hospital.

Jim has advised earlier that I had suffered a bleed on the brain but in fact it was worse than that as it happened twice and so I now have two holes in my head. Happily there seems to have been no side effects and everything still works, the only problem now is recovering from the effects of the long enforced bed rest and getting all the muscles back in full working order. I am now walking about outside with the aid of a stick, which I expect I shall have to use from now on. Seems as though I have been very lucky with the outcome.

Great to see that the Club is still running well. I missed the AGM and did not pay my sub so I am not now a member of the Club, but I intended to retire when I reached age 90, which will be in July but I hope to get to the 2017 AGM as a guest if I am able. See you all then. Derek.



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  1. Derek

    Glad that you are on the road to recovery. Regarding membership, I would propose you become a honorary member



  2. Derek it’s so good to hear from you and if your stick is the only reminder of this episode then you were lucky indeed, but good men deserve good luck. Indeed good men deserve many things and I trust that the club will do the honourable thing and ensure that you are a member for as long as you wish to be. I note your acceptance of falling foul of the farsicle renewal window rule and willingness to be invited back as a guest, but I would be very disappointed if your life threatening situation was to trigger any unintended period of non-membership.
    I respectfully request the club committee to stand behind you and do the right thing; reinstate your membership.
    Rob Vice.

    • derek was made a life member in 2015

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