6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 20th March.

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20 March 2016 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day

Chilly, overcast, wind North-east force 2 to 3.

Those racing from time to time included: Ted, Leslie, Hugh, Grant, Jim and John. In the light and fluky conditions there was frequent change of positions throughout the races, particularly at the windward finish line where boats in the lead were sometimes overtaken at the last moment.

Race 1: Grant, Leslie, Ted
Race 2: Ted, Grant, Leslie
Race 3: Grant, Leslie, Ted
Race 4: Grant, Leslie, Ted
Race 5: Hugh, Jim, John
Race 6: Leslie, Grant, Ted
Race 7: Jim, Grant, John
Race 8: Leslie, Jim, Hugh
Race 9: Leslie, Ted, Jim
Race 10: Jim, Ted, Hugh
Race 11: Jim, Ted, Leslie
Race 12: Jim, Leslie, Hugh


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