Sailing at Clapham on the 6th December.

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6 December 2015 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day


A brief racing session took place after the Club AGM earlier in the day



Cloudy, chilly in the strong force 5 southwest wind. Those racing from time to time included Odd, Leslie, Jim, Ted, Hugh and John. Others were at the club for the AGM but did not race in the rather challenging conditions.


All boats were using top rig apart from Jim, who started with middle rig but later changed to top rig. During the stronger gusts boats became harder to control, either failing to tack, or veering off wildly when trying to turn away from the wind.


Boats occasionally ended up stalled against the side of the pond, or got entangled with each other due unpredictable reactions in the gusts.


Passers by during the day showed some dramatic developments. In the morning a jogging procession of red Christmas suited and hatted people ran round the pond, in very large numbers.They had disappeared by the time of the AGM, so that during the racing only a handful of the hardier visitors to the park were around to witness our excursions on the water.



Race 1: Leslie, Odd, John

Race 2: Leslie, Odd, Jim

Race 3: Leslie, Odd, Jim

Race 4: Odd, Leslie, Ted

Race 5: Ted, Jim, Hugh

Race 6: John, Ted, Leslie

Race 7: Odd, Leslie, Ted

Race 8: Odd, Hugh John




The AGM went off well, although I was disappointed at the number of members that turned up. What was more disappointing was that those who did not turn up had not sent apologies for absence.

Jim R, our Secretary, went all high tech and recorded the proceedings on tape and from this he will be able to produce the Minutes of the meeting which I hope will eventually appear on the Club blog, so keep tour eyes open.

As members know, I have not been able to get to Clapham for some time and will be even less able in future as my driving licence has been withdrawn due to eyesight problems, my son drive me over on Sunday and it was great to see my old friends after a whole year since the last AGM. All looked much the same except for a few more grey hairs (and in some cases a little less hair). I shall continue to post the blog page on the Club site for as long as I am able but in any case arrangements have been made for someone to take over if I am unable to continue. I note that this will be my 211 blog

May I wish all our members a very happy Christmas and a happy and healthy new year and look forward to seeing you all again at the 2016 AGM when I shall have reached the ripe old age of 89 ( I shall try and be there when I am 90!).  Derek.



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