Sailing at Clapham on the 18th October.

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18 October 2015 – Third Sunday of the Month – Six Metre Day



Cool, cloudy, wind northeast to east northeast force 2 to 3.


Those racing from time to time included Leslie, Grant, Jim, Ted, John, Fred, Richard, Matt, and potential new member Ray.


Ray brought a 0.75 metre model he had made himself. He has previously made a One Metre Boxkite for another sailor.He intends to build a One Metre to race at Clapham.


Matt had brought a One Metre and raced Richard with another One Metre, starting after the Six Metre starts so as not to interfere with their races.



Race 1: Ted, Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Jim, Grant, Ted

Race 3: Leslie, John, Grant

Race 4: Jim, Grant, Ted

Race 5: Jim, John, Ted

Race 6: Jim, Grant, Leslie

Race 7: Jim, John, Ray

Race 8: Leslie, Jim, Fred

Race 9: Jim, Matt, John

Race 10: Jim, John, Matt

Race 11: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 12: John, Leslie, Fred


Richard and Matt had six One Metre races. Richard won one, Matt won the others but Richard’s One Metre did not have working sail control for some races.





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