Sailing at Clapham on the 19th April.

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Third Sunday f the Month – 19 April 2015 – Six Metre Day



Cloudy, cool, wind north-northeast force 2 to 3. Those racing from time to time included Leslie, Jim, John, Grant, Hugh, Richard and Phil.


14 Races were completed in tricky conditions with wind on the pond frequently shifting direction as it found its way round the clubhouse.



Race 1: Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Grant, Jim, Leslie

Race 3: Jim, Leslie, Grant

Race 4: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 5: Jim, John, Grant

Race 6: Leslie, Jim, Grant

Race 7: Jim, Leslie, Grant

Race 8: Hugh, Jim, John

Race 9: John Leslie, Grant

Race 10: Leslie, Grant

Race 11: Jim, Leslie, John

Race 12: John, Leslie, Jim

Race 13: John, Jim, Richard

Race 14: Jim, Richard, John



Thank you Hugh. I tried phoning our Clubmate Alan Scarlett but the number appeared unobtainable. I know that they had been trying to move house and I thought that might be the reason so I sent Brenda, Alan,s wife, an Email and in reply she confirmed that they had indeed moved house. Our Secretary Jim Robinson has the new phone number and address. Brenda tells me that Alan is still in hospital and is not too well, so much so that she cannot have him at home as he needs so much looking after. It does seem a great shame as they have now moved into a bungalow to make life easier for both of them and now poor Alan cannot , as yet, take advantage of the move.  I have told Brenda that I will not phone again just yet but have promised to keep in touch. If any other Club member would like to phone Brenda I am sure she would appreciate it. Derek,

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