One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 5th April.

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5 April 2015 – First Sunday of the month – One Metre Day



Cloudy, warm. Wind Easterly force 1 -3.


Jim, John, Grant, Ted, Leslie, Odd, Hugh and Richard all came and raced. Richard borrowed Ted’s new boat and got some good results. The light winds coming over the clubhouse were very variable in strength and direction, needing good concentration to read the winds in different parts of the course. !6 races took place.



Race 1: Leslie, Odd, Ted

Race 2: Ted, Leslie, Richard

Race 3: Ted, Grant, Jim

Race 4: Leslie, Jim, Richard

Race 5: Ted, Leslie, Richard

Race 6: Jim, Leslie, Richard

Race 7: Jim, Leslie, Odd

Race 8: Ted, Jim, Odd

Race 9: Leslie, Hugh, Ted

Race 10: Odd, Leslie, Hugh

Race 11: Leslie, Odd Hugh

Race 12: John, Odd, Leslie

Race 13: Hugh, Odd, Leslie

Race 14: Odd, Leslie, Hugh

Race 15: Richard, Leslie and Odd tied 2nd place, Hugh

Race 16: Odd, Richard, Hugh




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