Soling racing at Clapham on the 8th March.

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soling race sunday 8 march wind force 2 to 3 .six  members raced ted .john .jim. leslie.fred .and richard  leslie used club boat  donated by dereck  richard used his own boat probably the heaviest  due to ten coats of orange paint .ten races  held .the results do not tell how close the racing was most races being won buy less than a boats length we still have tree more solings that could be borrowed for racing.meaning you will race against each other not whos got the biggest cheque book.

race 1 jim .john leslie

race2 jim.john.leslie

race 3 jim.john ted

race 4 jim john .leslie

race 5 john.jim.leslie

race 6 jim leslie. richard

race 7 jim.john.leslie

race 8 jim. leslie.john

race 9 jim.john .ted

race 10 john.leslie jim

Thanks for the report Jim, it is nice to see that my boat has been given an outing. The racing seems to have been very close, but having said that I note that Jim was very successful but with John and Leslie not that far behind.  I have been trying to get a response from the Vintage Group as to whether they might be sailing at Clapham in March but with no reply so far. I have received a note of dates later in the year and will include those dates in future blogs.  I am still having problems with my eyes and I doubt whether I shall get to Clapham in the forsee able future.  Happy sailing to you all. Derek.




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