Sailing at Clapham on the 1st February.

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Sunday 1 February 2015 – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day



Cold, cloudy, wind North to Northwest force 2 to 4, with stronger gusts.


A day of dramatic developments, firstly from the weather, as something of a steepening in the trough passed through at around 11.30 with force 5 winds, but with more force because of the heavier cold air.


These heavy winds caused some sailors preparing  to race to change down from top to middle rig.


We were about to start the first race, when the second drama occurred. A boat seemed to be aground in an area of normally deep water, out towards the middle of the pond, in the water normally passed on the way to the wing mark.

A second yacht boat sailed out to try to shift it, but also got stuck.


At first it was assumed that a branch had been blown into the water in the strong winds.


The boats were first retrieved by running a line across the pond, and dragging them to the side.


Jim then took the lead to try to drag out the unknown obstruction. This turned out to be the shelter for young fish which had been planned, as protection from cormorant predation. Fortunately it could be dragged to a shallower part of the pond. Had the shelter got snagged on an obstruction on the bottom of the pond, which could easily have happened, we would have had to launch our dinghy to move it, an unpleasant job in a wet conditions with a wind-chill temperature of zero degrees.


We hope now for  opportunity to discuss the installation of the fish shelter so we can find a solution which works for model sailing yacht racing, and takes advantage of our extensive knowledge of the pond.


Because of the extensive delay, we were only able to complete 5 races. The wind had moderated so that Odd changed back up to top rig. He had good results from his new design. Richard was also racing. Grant also sailed earlier in the day but was not able to stay. Hugh did not race, but was glad to take shelter in the warmth of the clubhouse between recording the results.


We were visited earlier by Tom, a one time member of the Olympic Laser team. Tom took Leslie’s boat round the course, but could not stay for the delayed start of racing. He hopes to visit us again. After we finished racing, Ply, a young boy who has received a Dragon Force for Christmas, was given some assistance to get his boat into operation for a short session on the pond.


Race 1: Odd, Leslie, John

Race 2: Odd, John, Jim

Race 3: Leslie, Jim, Odd

Race 4: Odd, Leslie, John

Race 5: Odd, Jim, John









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