Sailing at Clapham on the 7th December.

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Sunday 7 December 2014, – First Sunday of the Month – One Metre Day



Mild, cloudy, damp with occasional light showers in the morning, cold front went through midday, with showers clearing after this with some sunshine. Wind generally southwest force 3 to 4,  with force 5 gusts.


Racing were Leslie, Ted, John, Grant, Jim, Richard. Hugh had control problems with the digital winch on his Widget, so was not able to race with it.


A visitor to the pond, Kit Glover, was lent Leslie’s boat for one race. A dinghy sailor and yachtsman who grew up with sailing, but never sailed a model, was handed the transmitter before the start, and through the start sequence, made his first start. Unsurprisingly, being used to full size boats he was early to the line in the last 10 seconds, so had to duck and find a space among the other boats crossing the line. Nevertheless, he scored a second place.


Kit, who lives locally, will be coming to the pond and racing as a potential member.


We had 9 races in an enjoyable session, afterwards, Leslie, our deaf sailor, started teaching his deaf friend Judith to sail for the first time.



Race 1: Leslie, John, Ted

Race 2: Jim, Ted, Leslie

Race 3: Ted, Leslie, Jim

Race 4: Leslie, John Ted

Race 5: Leslie, Ted, Jim

Race 6: John, Kit, Ted

Race 7: Leslie, John, Ted

Race 8: Ted, John, Jim.

Race 9: Ted, John, Jim






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