Sailing at Clapham on the 2nd November.

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2 November 2014– First Sunday of the month – One Metre day



Mild, occasional rain showers, wind southwest to south southwest force 2 to 3.


Although the morning started with rain, this soon cleared and we had a good day’s racing with 7 people sailing from time to time.


Jim sailed his newly built boat which was competitive, Richard sailed his old Comic design which was not competitive, but after sailing 4 races with his Widget Hugh lent Richard his boat with which he scored a second place. He lent out the Widget to others, Bill who came later sailed this boat then Ted’s, with which he scored a first and second place. Ted sailed the Widget for the last races.


Generally the results went to the faster boats, however Odd got some good results with his Nimbus 2, which was not as fast as the others. With many racing there was more bunching and Odd did well by managing to keep clear of others and slip past when he had the chances.



Race 1: Ted, Odd, Hugh

Race 2: Hugh, Ted, Odd

Race 3: Hugh, Ted, Jim

Race 4: Ted, Hugh, Jim

Race 5: Ted, Jim, John

Race 6: Ted, Jim, John

Race 7: John, Richard, Ted

Race 8: Ted, Jim, John

Race 9: Odd, Ted, Jim

Race 10: Ted, Odd, John

Race 11: Bill, Jim, Ted

Race 12: Ted, Bill, Odd




Hello everyone, we are having problems setting a date for the 2014 AGM. Trying to fit all the officials in is difficult but we think it may either be the 30th November or the 14th December, but we shall know in a very few days.

Our Treasurer is standing down at this AGM, a fact that has been known for some time, and we desperately need a volunteer to take his place. The need is urgent as the financial matters of the Club continue and we shall need such a volunteer at the AGM to receive the subscriptions for the coming year. If no such volunteer comes forward the Club will cease to function. There must be someone who is prepared to serve the Club. An Email to either Chris or myself before the AGM will be a very great help, otherwise we may have to co-opt someone, not a course we would wish to adopt.


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