One Metre racing at Clapham on the 3rd August.

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1st Sunday of the month 3 August – One Metre Day



Cloudy, warm, wind southwest force 3 to 4.


Two new boats on the water, John’s moulded on Ted’s version of Viper; and Hugh’s Widget, which retired early after rig problems. Leslie’s boat (it seems this is Wotsit design, not the similar Isis) was back in action after ballast keel repairs, getting good results as usual. Plenty of wind, boats occasionally nose-diving in the stronger gusts.



Race 1: Hugh, Leslie, Odd

Race 2: Odd, Ted, Hugh

Race 3: Ted, Leslie, Odd

Race 4: Leslie, Ted, Odd

Race 5: Ted, Odd, Leslie

Race 6: Leslie, Odd, John

Race 7: Leslie, Ted, Odd

Race 8: Ted, Odd, John

Race 9: Leslie, Hugh, Odd

Race 10: Hugh, Leslie, Odd

Race 11: Leslie, John, Ted

Race 12: Leslie, John, Ted

Race 13: Ted, John, Odd

Race 14: John, Leslie, Odd




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