Six Metre sailing at Clapham on the 15th June.

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Sunday 15  June  – Six Metre Day



Cloudy and mild, wind from northeast generally but east northeast at times, force 1-3.


On the pond, the light winds over the clubhouse, and the trees lining Rookery Road meant these areas were sheltered and subject to stray currents of wind in unpredictable directions. Once out in the open, winds were stronger, but still shifting about. Concentration was needed to be able to react quickly to these shifts. Starting and finishing was tricky because different parts of the line had wind at times.


Those racing were John, Hugh, Jim, Ted and Richard.  Leslie sent apologies, he had to attend a wedding. Hugh had a couple of races, then lent Richard a Renaissance, which he raced for most of the time. Ted lent him his Flipper (Dolphin design) which he had for a few races. He scored two second places, pretty good going for a relatively new sailor, in tricky conditions with tough competition.



Race 1: Ted, John, Jim

Race 2: Hugh, Jim, John

Race 3: Ted, Richard, Jim

Race 4: Jim, Ted, John

Race 5: Jim, Ted, John

Race 6: Jim, Ted, John

Race 7: Jim, Richard, John

Race 8: Jim, John, Hugh

Race 9: Jim, Ted, Hugh

Race 10: Hugh, Ted, John

Race 11: Hugh, Ted, John

Race 12: Jim, Hugh, John


Regards, Hugh

Sounds like a good day.

Remember that next Sunday is scheduled for the Vintage Group to be at the pond.  Derek.


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