Sailing on Sunday 18th May.

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Sunday 18 May – Six Metre Day




Warm and sunny, wind southwest backing southerly force 1 – 3.


Sailing from time to time were Leslie, Grant, John, Hugh, Ted and Richard.



Race 1: Leslie, Grant

Race 2: Leslie, John, Grant

Race 3: Grant, Hugh, John

Race 4: Leslie, John, Grant

Race 5: Ted, Grant, Richard

Race 6: Grant, Leslie, John

Race 7: Hugh, Ted, Richard

Race 8: Leslie, Grant, Richard

Race 9: Leslie, Ted, John

Race 10: Ted, Richard, John

Race 11: Leslie, John, Richard

Race 12: Hugh, John, Grant

Race 13: Ted, Leslie, John

Race 14: Leslie, John, Richard





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