One Metre sailing at Clapham on 2nd March.

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 2nd  March – One Metre Day


Chilly, wind southwest backing southerly force 2 to 4. Boats were struggling under top rig. Even Jim who sailed under middle rig sailed his bow under  at times. Grant had to retire as his Mandarin was taking in too much water. Richard sailed his One Metre, but was eventually flooded out. For those who kept going, stops to drain out water were usually needed. This delayed starts, so only 8 races were completed.

Because of the demanding conditions, there were uncontrollable  incidents of boats fouling each other, or getting stuck against the far side of the pond. Nevertheless, racing was enjoyable.


Race 1: Ted, John, Leslie

Race 2: Odd, Jim, Leslie

Race 3: Leslie, Ted, John

Race 4: Jim, Odd, Leslie

Race 5: Ted, John, Hugh

Race 6: Leslie, Jim, John

Race 7: Ted, Leslie, John

Race 8: John, Leslie, Ted

Sounds like it was a boisterous day at the pond.   Derek.

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