6 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 19th January.

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Sunday 19 January – Six Meter Day – 3rd Sunday of the month

Conditions: Cool, sun and clouds – wind SSW – WSW force 1-3.

Prospective member Matt joined us with his One Meter ‘Red Wine’ which wasn’t in class, but raced along with us anyway. He won most races, as to be expected with a faster, lighter class, but when the wind dropped, and he was worsted by boat to boat circumstances, he came second twice, and third once. It was an opportunity for him to test out his  boat, which couldn’t be raced before because of rudder problems. All was OK, the design seems competitive, Matt will be racing on One Meter Days.

We didn’t have a lot of Six Meters racing at any time, Leslie’s boat had sail winch problems, others delayed racing to help, Grant fixed the problem, having lent Leslie his own boat. Nevertheless, we had a few stimulating races, finally being petitioned by a fashion phographer and his ladies to please keep sailing so our beautiful boats could complete the background to his shots. Our ‘models’ not being trained for photo-shoots, we don’t know what the result will be.

Race 1: (Matt), Grant, John
Race 2: (Matt), Grant, John
Race 3: (Matt), Leslie, John
Race: 4: (Matt), Jim, Leslie
Race: 5: Jim, (Matt), Leslie
Race 6: Jim, (Matt), Leslie
Race 7: Leslie, John, (Matt)

As you can see, Hugh has got his computer up and running again and has submitted his report so I have been able to post the blog straight away, and using his method I do not have to type anything apart from any comments I care to add. Life just gets easier!. Derek.

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