Club Annual General Meeting, 1st December 2013.

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It is now confirmed that the Club 2013 AGM will be held on the 1st December in the Clubhouse to commence at 11am so please make every effort to be there and on time.
Subscriptions for the coming year are due immediately following the AGM, so please bring money. Payment of subscriptions on time is extremely important as the Secretary has to pass them on to the MYA before the end of January, failure to include every member will result in the member concerned being dropped from the MYA membership. It has been the case recently that a member, paying late, said he was not concerned about being a member of the MYA, that is hardly the point. The Club has chosen to be affiliated to the MYA and includes a levy for that purpose in the annual Club subscription and so payment on time is vital. From personal experience I know how irritating it is for the Treasurer and Secretary to have to make more than one payment to the MYA, in any case it seems foolish not to take advantage of the benefits that membership of the MYA brings if you are going to pay the Club subscription anyway.
As always, the AGM is the time and place to bring up any point you would like to make, or any change you would like to see in the Club. There will be ample time to do this in the Agenda under “Any other business” but it would help if advance notice of anything you would like to bring up was notified to the Secretary or Treasurer before the AGM.
I hope I have published this blog in time for someone to read it before the AGM. I hope to see you all there. Derek Cross, President, CMYC.

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