One Metre sailing at Clapham on the 3rd November.

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Firstly, my apologies for the late posting of this blog. I have been in the process of buying another car and my mind has been elsewhere, but here goes.
The conditions were sunny, but with a brisk wind force 4 gusting up to force 6 and chilly in the wind.
Not many members turned up and those that did chose to use middle rig, top rig proved too difficult to handle. Potential new member, Matthew, used middle rig but had to retire with rudder problems.
Scores were as follows-;
Race 1. Odd, Jim, Leslie
Race 2. Leslie, Odd, Jim
Race 3. Leslie, Odd, Jim
Race 4. Leslie, Jim, Odd
Race 5. Leslie, Odd, Jim
Race 6. Odd, Jim
Race 7. Leslie, Odd
Looks like Leslie had a good day with Odd not far behind.
I understand that the AGM is likely to held on Sunday the 1st December and I urge every member to make every effort to attend. We usually plan to commence the meeting at 11am so don,t be late.

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