Sailing at Clapham on the 6th October.

October 7, 2013 at 11:33 am | Posted in News | 3 Comments

The weather was warm and sunny with a Westerly breeze, force 1-2. The water in the pond was rather low (was that evaporation, or have they not fixed the leaks?) but a course was set up which avoided the shallows at the northern side of the pond.
Not many members turned up unfortunately. Odd, Leslie and Hugh had 12 races, Richard sailed his Soling and potential member Matthew sailed his reconditioned One Metre, but retired with rudder problems. Another potential member sailed a Dragon Force boat. It is thought that there is interest in racing this class of boat on the pond (but does the Club want to get involved in yet another class of boat?) If, as I think it might be, a commercial boat that comes in a box complete with radio ready to sail, then it would have attraction for potential members, but so would the 575 and if other models come on the market where do we draw the line? As President, my own view on this matter is that the Club was formed to race class boats, and in the present day we have chosen to sail the 6 Metre and One Metre because of water depth restrictions. Those classes have been joined by the Soling, again for water depth reasons, and more recently some interest has been shown in the 575, but these latter two are recognised class boats in other countries and so have some claim to be raced by us. Some of these other commercial boats coming on the market do not fall into a recognised international class and, in my view, should be left for fun sailing only. I do emphasise that this is my personal view and it is up to the Club as a whole to decide on the issue. I would be interested in members views.
Results of the racing are as follows-;
Race 1. Odd, Leslie
Race 2. Leslie, Odd
Race 3. Leslie, Odd
Race 4. Leslie, Odd
Race 5. Leslie, Odd
Race 6. Odd, Leslie
Race 7. Odd, Leslie
Race 8.Leslie, Odd
Race 9. Leslie, Odd
Race 10. Odd, Leslie
Race 11. Hugh, Odd
Race 12. Leslie, Odd
Sorry I was not there on Sunday but things have not changed much. Derek.


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  1. The Dragon Force is part of the RG65 class which has been in existence for the past 50 years. you might find that the Soling class is only now raced in the UK at clapham (a failed venture by the importers to get the class established), also it is not a recognised INTERNATIONAL class

    the Dragon force is available commercially but does fall into a recognised class which is being sailed in europe, america (north and south) australia.

    i assume by 575 you actually meant micro magic


    • Hello Mark, sorry Mark, I got mixed up between classes. I did mean to refer to the RG65 but quoted 575 in error. My memory is failing. Derek.

  2. As mentioned I have a DF and have been visiting the common pond most weekends to sail it. I have several friends that are interested in buying in to the DF and would like to start racing. It is a great entry level boat and more to the point affordable. I think it should be promoted at the club, and could be a good way to attract more members.


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