1 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 7th July.

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I had expected a good turnout, bearing in mind that on this Sunday The Friends of Clapham Common were having a Fete on the Common and had asked us to put on a show for the visitors, in the event there were very few of us there due to commitments of one sort or another for many members. Five of us brave souls turned up, with Hugh putting in a brief appearance to give words of encouragement and to leave a supply of paper on which to enter results. Leslie stepped into the breach to keep score and record while Grant acted as starter, the starter box having run out of battery power.
The day was hot and sunny with a reasonable wind which fell light at times but got more reliable as the day wore on.
We managed to get eight races in, although I dropped out after three due to getting involved with a feature writer from a local magazine who wanted to do an article on the Club. She stayed at the pond for some time and spoke to practically every member at some point or other. She has asked if a photographer could come at some time to take pictures to illustrate the article. If any member does see such a chap perhaps they could ask what the name of the magazine is so we can get a copy to see what sort of job she made of it.
The results as follows-;
Race 1. Grant, Leslie, Odd
Race 2. Odd, John, Grant
Race 3. Leslie, Odd, John
Race 4. Odd, John, Leslie
Race 5. Leslie, Grant, Odd
Race 6. Leslie, Grant, Odd
Race 7. Leslie, Odd, Grant
Race 8. Leslie, Odd, Grant
The fact that I did not participate after race three made absolutely no difference to the final results (as it had not in the first three!)
We packed up early, perhaps due to the heat, but a pleasant day nevertheless. With thanks to Leslie and Grant for their efforts.
As I was leaving the pond I was accosted by a pretty girl who said her mother was one of the organisers of the Fete and had asked her to come and thank us for putting on a show. So our efforts were not wasted after all. Derek.

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