1 Metre sailing at Clapham on the 2nd June.

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A fine day at the pond. A good breeze, although it did come and go at times. There was a good turnout with nine skippers, and eight boats on the water with nearly everyone having a win. We broke for lunch early at 1pm after getting ten races in, one race following another without pause. Some skippers did race again after lunch but results were not recorded. Results as follows-;
Race 1. Leslie, Ted, Grant
Race 2. Jim, Hugh, John
Race 3. Leslie, Jim, Ted
Race 4. John, Ted, Odd
Race 5. Leslie, Odd, Ted
Race 6. Jim, Hugh, Leslie
Race 7. Ted, Jim, Leslie
Race 8. Leslie, Odd, Ted
Race 9. Grant, Ted, Jim
Race 10. Hugh, Jim, Leslie
I have been taken to task for miss-heading the blog for 19th May, my apologies, it should have been “6 Metre sailing on the 19th May” (sorry Fred, good job I did not take your bet)
We have not seen Alan at the pond for some time so I phoned him on the 2nd to ask how he was. He sounded fine, he has had one cataract operation and is expecting another in the near future. If the weather is fine on the 16th he will get Brenda to bring him to the pond for a chat with his friends.


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